Deb Radke Schlicker

After a serious injury, subsequent surgeries and complications left me weak, limping and in chronic pain. I found myself at 64 years old facing a bleak quality of life and real disability. Physical therapy helped but only focused on the injury. Not knowing how to help myself, I called Cody at Next Level. My previous understanding was Personal Trainers worked only with athletes or those interested in bikini bodies. Cody reviewed my health history and introduced me to his colleague Ben Haji-Sheikh who has developed a program to help me regain function and strength. Ben's expertise helps me strengthen my injury, address compensation issues and overall fitness. After 6 months, I now can walk up stairs, bring groceries in and do most daily activities that others take for granted. It continues to get better every week. I once thought personal trainers were only a luxury. Not anymore. Thanks to Ben and Cody!!

Deb Radke Schlicker

Entering my 40's, my body does not respond the way that it used to when playing high school and college sports. Cody (owner/trainer) has been able to work with me and individualize each session to fit what I need that day. I have only completed 4 sessions, but have already been able to see a huge improvement in my strength, balance and stamina. Great Facility, great staff, great experience.

Melissa Bairs

Cody and Ben were simply amazing. Great service. Ben was my personal trainer, I had 15 sessions ( while in Grand Rapids) .He was a professional, knowledgeable and patient Trainer . NO judgment environment . It was an amazing experience.

Milena B.

Next Level has truly exceeded all of my expectations.
Cody understands what goals I am striving for. With each personalized session he helps me push my body in new ways (half of which I at one time didn't think were possible) in order to help me work towards and achieve these goals- all while making it fun. His dedication and experience was exactly what I needed.
His enthusiasm is contagious. He truly loves and takes pride in the work that he does - and it shows.

K Modellos

Delivers results

Richard Parsons

This is the place to go if you want results! I've been coming to Next Level Personal Training with Cody for around a month now. When I arrived I had a lot of prior injuries to my back and knees. Cody is careful and very knowledgeable about what I can and can not do until I get stronger. Despite the limitations these injuries provide, each and every workout is challenging and pushes me harder and harder every time. I'm already stronger and feeling better!

Carlee Klenotich

I have joined gyms before but never really knew what I was doing or stayed motivated to work out on a regular basis. That all changed when I started coming to Next Level. I like that one on one sessions are scheduled ahead of time and the facilities are semi private and free from pressure. Cody is a phenomenal trainer! He will help you develop your fitness goals and work with you to accomplish them. He is friendly, encouraging, and knows when and how much to push you without going overboard. If you want to get in shape but can't stay motivated at a gym, Next Level is perfect for you and I highly recommend Cody!

Bradley Fowler

Very nice facility and Cody is great to work with. He pushes me and is helping me reach my goals. I know personal trainers are more expensive than a gym membership, but Cody is showing me the right techniques and teaching me how to work out correctly. You can really hurt yourself if you don't know what you are doing. Overall this is a great place with great service and no judgement. Highly recommend.

Dan Lawitzke

I started working out a long time ago but never really knew what I was doing. So I decided I needed a trainer to show me how to get to my goals faster. I've been at next level for a few months now and I am now past my goal weight and gained a lot of muscle. I've never looked better. It's just a one on one studio so it's definitely more personal. There facility is great and all the staff are friendly are very knowledgeable. Great place!

Cord Eggebeen

I initially started training at Next Level Personal Training with Cody beginning of last year, to get in shape for my wedding. He helped me lock down personal goals and also got me on a nutrition plan. I was able to not only reach the goals I set, but surpass them thanks to his help. I still continue to work out at Next Level, because of the results that I have received. The workouts are always different, which makes you look forward to going. If you're looking for dedicated trainers that will make a workout plan just for you, I highly recommend you sign up with Next Level.

Amber Brink

My wife and I have been training with Cody for years. He's a great motivator and very easy to work with. I would recommend him and his organization to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

David Conti