Feel More Comfortable Working Out at Home?

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Whether you're worried about germs in the gym or just feel more confident working out in the comfort of your own home, online personal training is a great option for you. Next Level Personal Training wants to help you achieve your fitness goals from anywhere, including your own house. We offer in-person, online and in-home personal training services throughout the Grand Rapids, MI area. You'll get one-on-one coaching throughout your entire workout and a customized fitness plan that meets your needs and goals.

Want to work out in our gym? No problem. We have a private space with all the equipment you need for a great workout. This includes everything from free weights and resistance bands to boxing equipment and Paramount machines.

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3 benefits of working out from home

3 benefits of working out from home

Working out at home is both easy and convenient, especially when you can work with your personal trainer over a video call. Many clients love online personal training because...

  1. There are no excuses. You'll never have to worry about inclement weather or a closed gym preventing you from getting in your workout.
  2. You can stay safe. By working out at home, you can avoid all the germs that can linger on the equipment at the gym.
  3. Your session is private. If you're intimidated by working out in front of others at the gym, all of those worries go away with online or in-home personal training.
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